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Firm Values and Beliefs

The following is a list of firm values, beliefs, and quotations, compiled by our founder Attorney Thomas B. Burton. This list is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list and neither is it meant to be a final list. Instead it is a continually evolving list, which is placed her and designed to be added to over time. The list is provided as a way of getting to know our firm and Attorney Burton's practice philosophy. Each statement is listed as a belief or a quotation, in order to share with you what we believe in and how we structure our practice.  The goal is for you to learn more about our firm and practice philosophy in order to help you determine if our firm is a good fit for your needs, and also to help us determine if you are the type of client we would enjoy working with, and be able to collaborate with towards a worthy goal. If you read through this list and find that your personal goals and beliefs align with many things here, then it is likely we will be very compatible working together. Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to get to know our firm better. 

We Believe and We Value Statement of Beliefs, Values & Quotations:

We Believe in time to think carefully

We Believe in time to think strategically

We Believe in careful consideration

We Believe a Stitch in Time Saves Nine

We Believe in Planning vs. Reacting

We Believe a Well Thought out Plan Saves both time and money

We Believe in measuring twice and cutting once


We Believe that every client deserves a great client experience

We Believe In Process

We Believe in Education

We Believe in Loyalty

We Believe In Integrity

We Believe in honesty

We Believe in Diligence

We Believe in Preparation

We Believe in Planning

We believe in Transparency

We Believe in Confidentially

We Believe In Rest

We Believe In Reflection

We Believe in Careful Consideration

We Believe that Every Person Deserves Respect

We Believe in the Dignity of Work

We Believe in Innovation

We Value Tradition

We Believe that Every Client Deserves to Be Heard

We Value History

We Believe Kindness is Reciprocated

We Believe In Being Kind Even When Others Are Unkind to Us

We Believe in treating every person with dignity and respect whether that is opposing counsel, our clients, or staff

We Believe in working with People Who Share Our Values

We Do Not Believe in Taking Every Case

We Believe there may be a law firm suited to Every case but that law firm is not always us

We Believe in Working Hard, but we believe in working smarter not harder when possible

We Believe that everything should be "made as simple as possible, but not simpler" --Einstein

We Believe In Beginning With the End in Mind

We Believe in the Dignity of Each Human Being

We Believe there may be a law firm suited to every client but we also believe that law firm is not always us

We Believe in Working with people who value things we Believe

We Believe in Travel

We Believe in Friends

We Believe in Efficiency

We Believe in Relationships.



You can read more about our Explanation of Fees and Office Policies Here.


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