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Can My Nephew Remove My Sister from the Title of House via Quit Claim Deed?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton answers a reader question about whether her nephew can remove her sister's name from the title to a house via a Quit Claim deed without the sister's knowledge.

Transcript of Video: Can My Nephew Remove My Sister from

the Title of House via Quit Claim Deed?

Today's question comes from Milwaukee

Wisconsin and it's the following if my

sister and nephew and his wife help

with the purchase can they put their

names on her deed my sister got a

settlement and bought a house she asked

my nephew about buying a house because

he has liked a property and bought it

and she was short on money my nephew and

his wife borrowed her the money and told

her that their names were coming off

once she finished paying them back

she finished paying them but they never

took their name off the deed and now she

is mentally ill they removed her from

the property with a quitclaim deed can

they do that so a lot of things going on

here but in general if your sister's

name was on the title to the house on

the deed then your nephew should not be

able to remove her name without her

either signing a deed agreeing to remove

it for someone with a valid and

activated power of attorney signing on

her behalf if she really is mentally ill

it's possible that there was a guardian

appointed or she had her agent under

power of attorney acting for her so I

would check the deed and see who signed

it because once you're on a deed the

only one who can remove you would be

yourself if you own it in your

individual name or someone you named as

your agent or again if your sister was

mentally ill a guardian could possibly

do that if they were repaid but I would

look into this situation make sure no

one's taking advantage of your sister

due to her mental condition so great

question and thank you for asking.

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