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How Will You Know When You Are No Longer in Probate?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton answers a reader question about how they will know when an estate is no longer in the probate process.

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Transcript of Video: How Will You Know When You Are No Longer in Probate

Today's question is a relatively simple one and the writer asked how will you know when you are no longer in probate? So I know for many people probate can feel like an endless process that goes on forever filled with paperwork and confusing twists and turns. And in fact in Wisconsin a probate generally lasts from six months to two years.

So these are not fast moving actions as anything with the court system generally isn’t. So you may be confused if your estate or you're the heir of someone’s estate if it's still in probate well generally you can check the Wisconsin circuit court website. If you know the name of the deceased you can type it in and check the status of the case online.

Otherwise if you know the case number you can put that in as well. When the probate is finally concluded the case should list that all items have completed in the cases closed. If it's still open, it means the probate is ongoing. The other thing I recommend is you consult with the probate attorney handling the case and ask them if the probate is still going.

So great question and thank you for asking.

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