Emergency (Last Minute) Will Package—3 Business Day Turnaround Time


Package Includes:

  • Attorney travel to hospital/nursing home/home within 20 minutes of Attorney office (additional travel time billed at regular hourly rates)
  • Consultation and review of estate planning wishes with client
  • Advice on estate planning and probate avoidance strategies
  • Assessment of legal capacity of client to execute documents by Attorney
  • Drafting and preparation of following documents as needed/desired:
  • Last Will and Testament
  • Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Living Will
  • Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Authorization for Last Disposition
  • Attorney travel to client to execute documents at client’s hospital/nursing home/home (client must help supply at least one witness for Will, Living Will, and Healthcare POA)


Emergency Will Package--3 Business Day Turnaround Time

Delivery Timeframe
  • Terms and Conditions: Please confirm Attorney availability with Attorney before booking this package to make sure Attorney is in the office, available and able to move other appointments around to accommodate you request, and able to draft and complete the documents within the desired timeframe. As part of this package, the Client, or an authorized representative of the Client (friend or relative etc.) must agree to fill out the Estate Planning Questionnaire to the best of their ability and have it completed by the time Attorney arrives for the initial consultation with the Client. Attorney can provide this questionnaire by email or it can be downloaded at this link. The three business day turnaround time does not include weekends, so if you book this package online, please account for weekends in your assessment of your specific time situation. Depending on availability, Attorney can possibly complete the documents in a shorter time frame (48 hours) for an additional rush fee ($500) if agreed upon ahead of time between Attorney and Client and if Attorney’s schedule allows at the time this package is purchased. Please check with Attorney ahead of time before booking this package via email at attorney@theburtonlawoffice.com to ensure Attorney can meet your specific time frame.


    This flat fee package is non-refundable once purchased, because the fee charged is for the service of providing these documents in such an extremely fast turnaround time, which may include cancelling or re-scheduling other pre-existing appointments. Attorney understands that these situations often involve uncertain health conditions of the Client and for that reason the entire flat fee is due up front when purchased. If Client should pass away after Attorney has begun representation but before executing the documents, the flat fee is fully earned upon purchase and will not be refunded. Please assess carefully your specific health situation, circumstances, and time frame before purchasing.

  • All Flat Fee Estate Planning packages require consultation with Attorney to determine if your estate planning situation is suited for the selected Flat Fee Estate Planning Package. Certain complex, unusual, or complicated situations may not be appropriate for this package and should be discussed with Attorney before representation begins. Client has the option to upgrade their package to a different package after consultation with Attorney if Client so desires. Attorney is not retained unless and until a written fee agreement is signed by both Attorney and Client. All fees received from client for flat fee services are considered earned when paid and that fee, upon payment, becomes the property of the law firm.  It will be deposited in Attorney’s business account, rather than the firm’s trust account, and Client hereby specifically agrees that Attorney may do so. 




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