Married Couple—Will Based Plan Virtual Package #1


Package Includes:

  • Estate Plan Design Meeting with Attorney via Phone  to Determine Your Goals and Design Will Plan (Up to 1 Hour) (No Medicaid planning or probate avoidance planning included)
  • 2 Wills (No Trust Provisions with mirror Will provisions)
  • 2 Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • 2 Power of Attorney for Finances
  • Digital drafts of documents sent via email as PDF attachments
  • Final printed documents sent via U.S. Mail for Client to execute with witnesses of their choice


Client agrees to fill out and submit Estate Planning Questionnaire prior to meeting with Attorney at Estate Plan Design meeting held via either video or phone. Client understands that this package is a flat fee limited scope, virtual services package, whereby attorney will draft documents in accordance with Client's wishes and send to client for execution. Client understands they are responsible for executing such documents in front of two witnesses (for the Will and Health Care Power of Attorney) and in front of a Notary (recommended for the Financial Power of Attorney).


This package is likely suitable for a married couple with a modest estate with children all from the same marriage who desire an equal distribution of assets among all children. This package is likely not suitable for married couples with blended families who desire alternate disposition provisions in each Will, or unequaly distribution provisions among children or heirs. Please consult with the office for additional options, and custom solutions before purchasing if you fall into one of the above situations. 

Virtual Basic Will Package for Married Couple--Flat Fee

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Delivery Timeframe
  • All Flat Fee Estate Planning packages require consultation with Attorney to determine if your estate planning situation is suited for the selected Flat Fee Estate Planning Package. Certain complex, unusual, or complicated situations may not be appropriate for this package and should be discussed with Attorney before representation begins. Client has the option to upgrade their package to a different package after consultation with Attorney if Client so desires. Attorney is not retained unless and until a written fee agreement is signed by both Attorney and Client. All fees received from client for flat fee services are considered earned when paid and that fee, upon payment, becomes the property of the law firm.  It will be deposited in Attorney’s business account, rather than the firm’s trust account, and Client hereby specifically agrees that Attorney may do so. All documents for this Flat Fee Estate Planning Package are delivered virtually, by either email or U.S. Mail and Client is responsible for executing the documents themselves with advice and instructions from Attorney. Client may choose to travel to Eau Claire, Wisconsin and execute documents at a physical signing ceremony with Attorney for an additional fee. 



    Attorney is also available to travel to Clients located within 90 miles of Eau Claire, Wisconsin to sign documents in person at Client’s home, hospital, or nursing home for an additional fee including hourly fees charged at Attorney’s current hourly rate. For any Client within 90 miles from Eau Claire, Wisconsin desiring Attorney to travel to them, or for any Client located further than 90 miles from Attorney who may desire Attorney to travel to them, please consult with Attorney first via email before purchasing any individual Flat Fee Estate Planning Documents to ensure Attorney can meet your needs in the timeframe desired. There is a $500 rush charge for all documents requiring delivery in less than 14 days from date of purchase.

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