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For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Real Estate Transactions

Buying or Selling a Home without a Realtor?

If you are buying or selling a home on your own, without the assistance of a realtor, you have many tasks on your plate, including preparing and showing your home to prospective buyers, and marketing the home online and in person. Let my office help you remove one additional item from your list---the legal contracts required to successfully sell or purchase your home. I have represented both buyers and sellers in real estate transactions and can help you prepare your offer to purchase to meet your unique desires and specifications. If you already have an offer from an interested party, I can review the contract to make sure it is legally sufficient and give you advice on any shortcomings or errors to correct. Finally, I can help you put together the purchase agreement contract and required disclosures required under the law in order for you to successfully sell your home and not have the contract undone due to a legal technicality.


If you are selling your home yourself, you have already put in plenty of time and effort preparing the home for sale, showing the home, and soliciting calls and emails from interest buyers. Why let a potential error or oversight in a contract threaten your sale? When you use my office, you can have peace of mind from knowing your attorney has prepared and reviewed all the paperwork according to your unique wishes.

Did you know that although a Wisconsin licensed realtor is allowed to use certain pre-drafted forms for the purchase or sale of a home, they “May not provide advice or opinions concerning the legal rights or obligations of the parties to a transaction , the legal effect of a specific contract or conveyance, or the state of tile to real estate.” ? Only a licensed attorney can give you legal advice in the State of Wisconsin.


See Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter REEB 16 (reproduced below):

REEB 16.05  Legal advice and practice of law.

(1)  A licensee may not provide advice or opinions concerning the legal rights or obligations of parties to a transaction, the legal effect of a specific contract or conveyance, or the state of title to real estate.

(2) Notwithstanding sub. (1), a licensee may provide a general explanation of the provisions in an approved form to the parties to a transaction at the time of completing the form or when delivering an approved form for the seller's or buyer's acceptance.

(3) A licensee may use approved forms only in those transactions in which the licensee is acting in a capacity as licensee or in which the licensee is a principal, and in either case the use of such forms is incidental to the real estate practice of the licensee.

(4) A licensee may not make a separate charge for completing an approved form in connection with a transaction.



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Due to increased demand, I have created the following Flat Fee Real Estate Package to aid For Sale by Owner Sellers:

Flat Fee Seller's Package--$2,800*:

  • Initial Consultation to Determine Your Goals & Discuss Your Property

  • Residential Offer to Purchase Form that meets Wisconsin Statutory Requirements

  • Seller's Real Estate Condition Report updated to include July 2018 required disclosures

  • Counter-Offer Form

  • Amendment to Offer to Purchase Form

  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form (if required)

  • Attorney Review and Drafting of Counter-Offers & Amendments & Contracts

  • Attorney Review of Title Work and Closing Documents

  • Consultation and Advice Sessions by Phone

  • Up to 10 Hours of Attorney Time included in this package

  • Additional Attorney Time over 10 hours billed at reduced rate of $200/hour

  • Attorney advice and review of required Seller's Real Estate Condition Report

  • Peace of Mind from knowing a professional is helping you every step of the way

*Note all packages require consultation with Attorney to determine if your real estate sale if suited for this Flat Fee Seller's Package. Certain complex, unusual, or complicated transactions may not be appropriate for this package and should be discussed with Attorney before representation begins. Attorney is not retained unless and until a written fee agreement is signed by both Attorney and Client.

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