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Directions to Burton Law LLC

in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Our Eau Claire office is located on the 3rd floor of the Waterford Building at 310 Pinnacle Way, Suite 301, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. From the outside you can see the large "Goldridge" sign on the building, the name of the developers of the building. We offer covered parking for your convenience, and visitor spaces near the door, from which you can take the elevator to the 3rd floor, and enter through the glass doors the lobby for the Waterford Executive Offices. When you arrive, please tell the receptionist you are there to meet with us, and they will direct you further. If you have any trouble locating the building or the parking, please refer to these directions and in the event you need assistance on the way, please call the Waterford front desk receptionist at 715-832-5575. Please call this number only if you need help with directions or parking.


Burton Law LLC

310 Pinnacle Way, Suite 301

Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701

Please note if you park on the top level of the parking garage, the second level (with no roof), you can still reach our office by entering and taking the elevator to the 3rd floor, however there are steps leading to the door on the top level of the parking garage, so the easiest entrance is to enter from the ground floor on level 1 and take the elevator to the 3rd floor as explained above.

When you reach the lobby on the third floor, please proceed through the glass doors to the reception desk that says “Goldridge” on the wall behind it and tell the receptionist your name and that you have an appointment with Attorney Thomas B. Burton and they will direct you further.

Below is a series of pictures to assist you in finding our office and making your visit to our office as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Front View of Waterford Building from  Business Highway 53

Waterford Building Entrance from Highway
Waterford Front of Building with Wells F

Enter Pinnacle Way from Business Highway 53 

Pinnacle Way and Main Street Sign.jpg

You Will See the Waterford Building on your Left

Waterford Building Entrance from Highway

Proceed Straight on Pinnacle Way and Take the

First Left at the T Intersection

Proceed Straight and Take First Left.jpg

After Turning Left at the T Intersection You Will see 310 on the Waterford Building on Your Left

Turn Left and see 310 on Building 2.jpg

Proceed Straight and Enter the Ground Level Covered Parking on the Left When You See This Sign

Waterford Parking Entrance Sign.jpg

Proceed Straight into Free Covered Parking and

Take First Left Towards Visitor Parking

Proceed Straight Into Covered Parking an

After Turning Left You Will See Visitor Spaces Located Ahead Along the Right Wall

(If all the visitor Spaces are full, you may park anywhere you wish for free)

Visitor Spaces Are Located Ahead on the

Visitor Parking Spaces for Clients and Guests

Visitor Parking Spaces at Waterford Buil

After Parking a Sign on the Left Directs You to

the Main Entrance of the Waterford Building

After Parking a Sign on the Left Directs
310 Pinnacle Way Main Entrance.jpg

Enter the Building  and Take the Elevator to

the 3rd Floor- Waterford Executive Offices

1st Floor Elevators Waterford Building_e

Select 3rd Floor for Waterford Executive Offices

Waterford First Floor Sign.jpg

Exit Elevator and Proceed Directly Into the Waterford Executive Offices Lobby, Suite 301

Proceed Directly from Elevator to Waterf
Entrance to Waterford Lobby Shows Burton

Please tell the Receptionist you are there for an appointment with our office and they will direct you further. Welcome, you have arrived!

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