You can use the scheduling options below to book your consultation with our office. There are three options to meet with us:

1. In person at our office;

2. Virtually via live Zoom video conference; and

3. By phone

If you book an online meeting via Zoom, a link to your Zoom meeting will be automatically generated and sent to you upon checkout. If you book a phone meeting, we will call you at the number provided, and if you book an in person meeting, we will plan to meet with you at our office. You can find directions to the office here. 


We serve clients all across Wisconsin and are happy to meet with you via whatever method you are most comfortable with. During the COVID-19 pandemic we are attempting to conduct as many meetings as possible via secure video conference. Therefore if you are comfortable using this technology, please consider using this option for your initial consultation. We find that the use of secure video conference is a very effective way of conducting these initial consultations. However, we understand that not everyone is comfortable using this technology, so we are happy to meet with you via phone, or in person at our office if that works best for you.  

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