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Recently I discovered a "new" website called I say "new" because although it is new to me, according to their website they have been around since 2009. It strikes me as a handy tool for connecting customers with professionals who can help them. allows anyone to post a "job" or "service" they need on their website. When the customer creates the "job" they choose from a variety of categories. For instance, if you need your house painted, you would go to and create a "job" and select a category related to painters and people who provide home improvement services. Then you describe the job and what you need done. After your posting is created, alerts the registered professionals in your area and they can respond with bids or estimates of how much they would be willing to complete the job for. The professionals can also ask for more information before providing a bid. You can read more about how describes its own services here.

I registered for a profile on out of curiosity and also because it seems like a good marketing tool. So far I have found the website to be easy to use, and it strikes me as a clever idea. I can see it being particularly useful to people who have recently moved to a new area, and do not have many contacts in the local community. For instance, finding a quality contractor to help remodel your home can often be a challenge in an area where you do not know many people. I always recommend that when you are looking for a good attorney, you start by talking to friends and family members to see if they have someone they can recommend. However, sometimes this is impractical such as when you move to a new area, or sometimes your friends and family do not know any attorneys who practice in the areas you need. In addition to, mentioned in my previous blog post, could be another useful tool when seeking to hire a qualified professional.

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