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Instructions for Disposition of Your Body after Death

Did you know that Wisconsin law allows you to designate an Agent and detail your wishes for the final disposition of your body after your death in writing? This document is formally referred to as an “Authorization for Final Disposition” and is separate from your Will. In this document you can also leave instructions to your Agent recording your wishes regarding such things as:

  • Arrangements for a viewing (if any)

  • Funeral ceremony, memorial service, graveside service or other last rite

  • Burial, cremation and burial or other disposition, or donation of the body after death

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services provides a free form. You can access it here:

I recommend completing this document along with your Will, Power of Attorney for Finances, Power of Attorney for Healthcare and any other estate planning documents you may need in order to ensure a uniform plan. If you need help completing your estate plan, or have questions regarding the proper plan for your estate please contact my office.

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