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How Many Wills Can You Have at One Time?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses how many Wills you can have at one time and what you should do with any old Wills you may have after making a new Will.

Transcript of Video: How Many Wills Can You Have at One Time?

Today's question how many wills can you

have at one time? The answer is only one.

That means if you form a new will you

should revoke the previous will and

I suggest physically destroy

it. While it can be tempting to

keep copies of old wills lying around it

can be confusing to your personal

representative when you die

finding wills with various dates

therefore if you form a new will I

suggest you revoke the old will within

the document most attorneys will put

this in the new will but as an

additional step take the old will and

shred or burn or physically destroy it

so that your personal representative is

not confused after your death when they

find two copies of a will lying around

with different dates you should only have

the most recent copy at one time because

you can only have one original will at a

time. Great question and thanks for


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