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Reasons Why You Might Want Your Estate to Go Through Probate

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses some specific situations where you might want your estate to go through Probate and receive court supervision.

Transcript of Video: Reasons Why You Might Want Your Estate to Go Through Probate

Today's topic why might I want my estate

to go through probate? A lot of people

want to avoid probate for very good

reasons the time the cost the expense

the hassle but for some people going

through probate might be the right

option let's talk about why if you have

family and you're leaving assets to them

and they do not get along and you

anticipate a fight or possibly

litigation over the estate it might be

smart to have your estate go through

probate so that everything is under

court supervision similarly if you don't

have someone you trust to manage your

estate that you trust intimately you

might not want to set up a trust with a

trustee who's unsupervised again you

want that court supervision of the

process yes you may pay more in court

filing fees and attorney fees but to

insure your wishes are met probate might

be the best option therefore while I

often help people avoid for probate I

also like to talk about situations where

probate is appropriate that's why it's

important that you talk to your lawyer

about your specific situation and your

goals and your family dynamics before

deciding which plan is most appropriate

for you. Great question

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and thank you again for watching.

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