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What is the Wisconsin Real Estate Condition Report and What Changes Were Made on July 1st 2018

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses the residential real estate condition report required to be given to buyers by sellers under Wisconsin law and discusses important changes that were made to this report, including new required disclosures as of July 1, 2018.

Transcript of Video: What is the Wisconsin Real Estate Condition Report and What Changes Were Made on July 1st 2018

Today's topic is changes the Wisconsin

Legislature made to real estate law

specifically the required disclosures

required to be made by sellers to buyers

on the Wisconsin real-estate condition

report the real estate condition report

looks something like this it's a

multi-page form that covers many

questions concerning your property that

the owner must certify and sign and

provide to the buyer within 10 days of

an accepted offer to purchase being

signed by both the buyer and the seller

so if you're selling property you need

to make sure you're using the updated

seller disclosure form to ensure that

you're complying with the new law and

making all the required disclosures

under the law some of the new

disclosures relate to insurance claims

against the property they relate to

knowing about the possible manufacture

of methamphetamine on the property or

the existence of restrictive covenants

on the property watch my other videos

for the full details and the new

disclosures the important takeaways to

know that July 1 2018 was the required

use date for the new Wisconsin real

estate condition report and if you're

selling your home make sure you're using

that form if your buyer makes sure the

sellers using the correct form because

in either case not using it could be a

way for an unwilling buyer or seller to

get out of the contract that's the

updates to the Wisconsin real estate

condition sellers condition report if

you need help buying or selling your

home I represent buyers and sellers and

help you complete all this paperwork to

make sure it's legally valid and you

have a binding contract and the sale

goes through as you intended thanks for


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Transcript and captions provided for ease of access for the hearing impaired.

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