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Wisconsin Statutory Basic Will for People of Modest or Limited Means

Attorney Thomas B. Burton explains what the Wisconsin Statutory Basic Will is and gives instructions on how to obtain this form which is useful for people of modest or limited means who want to complete a Will but feel they do not have the resources to hire an attorney.

Transcript of Video: Wisconsin Statutory Basic Will for People of Limited or Modest Means

Today's topic is about a way to do

estate planning for people with limited or low

means Wisconsin has what we call a

statutory Will right in the Wisconsin

Statutes now I recommend working with a

qualified estate planning attorney to do

your estate planning if you have the

funds but if you have very limited funds

or have no funds the legislature has

provided a very simple Will form in the

Wisconsin statutes that anyone can

obtain print and fill out in order to be

valid you're going to need two witnesses

not related to you by blood or by

marriage and who are over the age of

eighteen to witness the Will but you can

go through the Will and designate who

you would like to receive your property

I like to make my clients and the public

aware of this information because there

are instances where people either cannot

afford my services or feel they cannot at

this time but I direct them to the

statutory Will it's a way to get

something in place so if you're one of

those people you can go to Wisconsin

Statutes look up the statutory Will or

google it and it's a basic starting

point for you to use now I have a lot of

custom features I design in my estate

plans and I'd encourage you to start

with that basic Will if that's all you

can afford and down the road contact me

for help but again it's called the

Wisconsin statutory Will it's right in

the statutes you can print that out and

use it as a Will for you and your family

Thanks for watching!

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