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New Transfer on Death Beneficiary Designation Form for Motor Vehicles in Minnesota

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses the new Transfer on Death Beneficiary Designation Form that is now available for residents of Minnesota and explains how this form can be used to avoid probate on death for your motor vehicles.

Transcript of Video: New Transfer on Death Beneficiary Designation Form for Motor Vehicles in Minnesota

Today's topic is specifically for

Minnesota residents and it's about a

change in the law the Minnesota

Legislature made in 2017

they now allow you to provide a transfer

on death designation for your motor

vehicle here in my hands is a copy of

the form from the Minnesota DMV website

it allows you to fill out your title and

also fill out beneficiary information

who you would like to leave the vehicle

to upon your death now you may be familiar

with transfer on death designations

for financial accounts but to my

knowledge this is one of the few states

that are allowing you to do this here in

Wisconsin we don't allow this for

vehicles it's a nice option if you have

a vehicle and you think it may be your

last and you want to leave it to a

specific person or child you can go to

the Minnesota DMV website get a copy of

the form and fill it out or if you use

my office for your estate planning we're

happy to provide that to you along with

the rest of your estate planning

documents so if you're Minnesota resident

be aware that you can now fill out this

transfer on death beneficiary

designation form for your motor vehicle

and that can help the vehicle avoid

probate at your death. Thanks for


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