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What is Title Insurance in Wisconsin and Why Do I Need It?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton explains what title insurance is and discusses why you need it when entering into a transaction as a buyer or seller of a home or other piece of real estate in Wisconsin.

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Transcript of Video: What is Title Insurance in Wisconsin and Why Do I Need It?

Today's topic is real estate and

specifically, the topic of title

insurance if you're a seller the

standard Offer to Purchase in Wisconsin

that most realtors are going to use

requires a seller to provide title

insurance on or before the date of

closing to the buyer since a majority of

people use that form in Wisconsin it's

pretty common that the buyer expects the

seller to provide title insurance and

pay for it

title insurance is issued by a title

insurance company what they do is they

look at the chain of title to make sure

that you the seller actually have good

title to transmit to the buyer later if

a defect in the title was discovered

such as a lien against the property or

some other error in the chain of title

the title insurance would protect you by

defending you in the claim that you gave

good title to the buyer you can see in

residential real estate transactions

where homes can be 100, 200, 300 thousand

dollars this is a significant amount of

money and if you're putting that money

out you really want to make sure you get

good title so if you're a buyer I

recommend you always ask for title

insurance from the seller and if

you're the seller it's a good idea to

get title insurance to protect yourself

down the road you can get a quote from

many different title insurance agencies

if you work with me I can recommend some

your realtor will also have some it's a

good idea to get the title insurance and

just be aware this will be an extra

cost at the closing and in Wisconsin

generally, it's the seller that's going

pay for title insurance so that's

today's topic title insurance I hope

this has been helpful to you if it has

please like share and comment on this

video and thank you for watching!

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