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What is a Real Estate Easement in Wisconsin?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses real estate easements in the state of Wisconsin and also answers the question of whether a property can be legally landlocked in the state of Wisconsin.

Transcript of Video: What is a Real Estate Easement in Wisconsin?

Today's topic is easements I wanted to

share with you some information about

easements and the latest in the law and

developments in this area now what is an

easement an easement is the right of one

party to use property owned by another

so for example it might be a driveway

easement passing over one person's

property there's another property with a

driveway easement with a right to use

this driveway there can be easements for

other things for example sometimes the

power company will have an easement to

put power lines across the property so

always be aware when you're buying real

estate to check for easements now where

to look for these you can look in the

title commitment the title policy or the

letter report received if you're getting

title insurance which I recommend at the

closing so in there will list any

easements already known on the property

and you should be aware when you're

buying the property it's subject to

these now you cannot create an easement

with a certified survey map there must

be a signed conveyance at some point

from one party A to party B granting

the easement and generally they will

then run with the land meaning if you're

the new buyer you take it subject to the

easement one other thing to note a

common misconception is that some people

believe legally a property cannot be

landlocked this is not true there is no

automatic implied easement of necessity

so if you're buying a property and it is

landlocked you need an easement to get

to it you cannot just assume you'll have

one so that in a nutshell is easements and

some of the latest about in Wisconsin

law developments about easements remember

an easement is the right of one party to

use the property of another and you're

going to have to find it in the deed as

a signed conveyance in order

for it to exist so when you're out there

hunting for a home or second properties

cabins hunting property be aware of

easement and make sure you understand

that before you purchase the property in


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