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How to Have a Live Video Consultation with Burton Law LLC

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses how easy it is to schedule a video consultation related to your estate planning, real estate, business law, or asset protection matter with Burton Law LLC. Attorney Burton also discusses how useful this video consultation feature can be during the current Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, when federal and local governments are urging businesses and individuals to use social distancing to slow the spread of the virus.

Transcript of Video: How to Have a Live Video Consultation with Burton Law LLC

Hello this is Attorney Thomas B. Burton coming to you from my office here via Zoom. So I wanted to give folks an overview of what it would be like to have a video consultation with me. So consistent with CDC recommendations for the next several week they're asking people to do telework and video options where ever possible and I wanted to show clients what it would be like if you schedule a video consultation with my office. So today I my first client consultation conducted entirely by video conference by Zoom. We had scheduled it to be in my office, but we changed it to video conference and it really went very smoothly. The client had not used Zoom before but it's a service I've come to like in the last several months. It's very easy. All I did was set up the meeting and send them a link via email and then the client just clicks on the link at the right time and I'm here in video and you're there and the video in your home. Now it's best to have either a laptop with the webcam or your smartphone or something with a webcam built in to access the video feature. If you don't have that we may just want to do a phone meeting instead, but I wanted to make this short video to show you what it's like and how I would appear on your screen when we having this conversation, and one thing I like about it is it feels more like a conversation right in my office because I can see you and your facial and hand expressions, and you can do the same with me. So I wanted to offer this to clients over the next several weeks. If you would prefer to switch to a video or phone consultation we can arrange that easily. Just let me know by email send me an email and I can get the meeting set up for you on your end. So you can test your equipment and make sure it's all good or if you already have a meeting scheduled and you want to switch to video just let me know. We are continuing to offer in person meetings, but for the health and safety of all of our clients, we are trying to limit those where we can now there are situations where we need to get together to sign your documents where I need to witness or notarize your document and when we do we will do that but keep it brief. And again if you're at all feeling unwell, please let us know before coming in to the office and don't come in that day. Let us know and we will either reschedule you to a video conference like this or reschedule for a later date when you're feeling better if you want to do it in person etc. So there's a variety of options we can use and I just wanted to show you how easy this video is and how we could do a video consultation with you very easily from my office during this time if you have any questions related to Estate Planning, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Probate that sort of thing as we're all going through this time together as a nation also, feel free to reach out to my office via email. We're here to assist you during this time, so thanks for watching, be well, and we'll see you next time.

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Transcript and captions provided for ease of access for the hearing impaired.

For questions about this topic, or to suggest a topic for a future blog post, please contact my office. To request a video consultation with my office please go to the Consultations Page of my website, or send us an email

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