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How to Leave House Bought with Inheritance Solely to My Kids

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses the question: "How to Leave a House Bought With Inheritance Solely to My Kids?" in a situation where the questioner wants to leave the house to her kids only and not to her husband or any future spouse he may remarry. In this Real Attorney Reacts series, Attorney Thomas B. Burton analyzes a question dealing with inherited money and the purchase of a house with that money.

In this episode, the letter writer says she was talked into putting her husband's name on the title to the house before the closing. Now she wants to know how she can leave this house to her children upon her death, but allow her husband to live in the house for the rest of his life. She ultimately wants the house to go to her children as an inheritance and not go to her husband, or to her husband's family if she predeceased her husband. Attorney Burton analyzes this question under Wisconsin law and discusses some options the viewer could take with the advice and counsel of an estate planning attorney in the state where she lives.

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