NEW Drive-Thru Will Signings at Burton Law LLC

Attorney Thomas B. Burton announces that Burton Law LLC will begin offering Drive-Thru Will Signings at his office for people to execute estate planning documents during the coronavirus pandemic in Wiconsin. Attorney Burton discusses how these signings will work and discusses the legal requirements to legally execute a Will in Wisconsin.

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Transcript of Video: NEW Drive-Thru Will Signings at Burton Law LLC

Okay. Welcome to today's announcement.

I'm excited to announce

a brand new option for clients during

the Coronavirus, Covid-19

pandemic here in Wisconsin, so

you might be wondering what

this is behind me well on the way

to work this morning, I was

attending a live webinar with lawyers

from all over the country

discussing ways to execute various

legal documents with clients

during the Coronavirus pandemic

and so 50 States have 50

state laws and the laws vary, according

to each state. Now in

most states when you need to execute

a will the statutes state

you need to do it in the presence

of two witnesses in general

and some states say the conscious

presence but basically after

this hour long webinar a lot of

this is interpreted by the

courts and we go look at case law

to see what that means well

there's a discussion amongst the

lawyers whether conscious

presence or presence can include

live video conference and

because we don't have any case law

on that yet we don't know so

unless the Legislature amends their

laws and there was one

Legislature I believe it was Iowa

has done a good job to allow

this and they must have done it

pre-crisis but unless the

Legislature amends their laws we

still don't know what that

means so for will signings a lot

of us are thinking we still

need to do what we're calling a

drive thru will signing and the

great news is you may be wondering

what this is behind me.

Well, this is actually my office

building and up near the

Burton Law LLC Let's see here LLC

logo is my office on the top

floor, but what you may not know is

this is used to be a Bank

building and the Bank is still here,

but they built it with a

drive thru and you can see behind

me. There's three

drive-throughs here that are not

being used 1, 2 in the Middle

and then three over here. So what

we're going to do during the

Coronavirus crisis is if you're

in a situation where you need

your will signed or your estate

plan before April 24th

which right now is the Wisconsin

order the stay-at-home order

we're going to offer you the option

to do a drive thru Will

signing where you come to the office.

You pull into the parking

ramp and then you just continue

through and there's these three

drive-throughs here. So if you see

back here, it's there's a

Wall and it's actually protected

from the wind and such too and

the nice thing is under the drive-thru.

You'll have a roof

over you because one thing I always

worry about is if I

schedule this with you and you come

and it's raining that's a bad

thing with paper documents right

so you can pull through and

I'm going to pull into probably lane

two or three here so either

the middle or the far one and then

if you see back here the</