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What Do You Charge for a Simple Will?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton answers a reader question about what a lawyer charges for a simple Will that will divide someone's property evenly between her three children.

Transcript of Video: What Do You Charge for a Simple Will?

Today's question comes from Janesville

Wisconsin and they said what do you

charge for a simple Will my 80-year-old

mother needs a Will prepared but is

very low income all she needs to divide

is a house contents of house and car her

intent is to divide equally between her

three daughters so this is a good

question and I would say in general a

lot of lawyers are all over the board on

this so you should talk to a lawyer that

you want to work with in your town or

wherever you want to hire them to get a

quote if you call my office and tell me

what you're looking to do I can

generally give you a range of fees and

in fact for most common estate planning

things I offer flat fee packages so you

can know right up front what you're going

to pay I don't like to hide the ball on

fees the fact is everything takes time

and I need to be fairly compensated for

working on your matter but I do my best

to come up with that figure and tell you

now if she really just needs a basic

Will plan it's likely there's a lawyer

in your town who does flat fee packages

for estate planning as well and

they could help you with that if she's

very low income and cannot afford

anything at all then there's options

where you could do it yourself with

totally legal online or get a form from

the state of Wisconsin there is a basic

will and testament available in the

Wisconsin statutes but if your mother has

a home and a car and some other things I

recommend you get professional

assistance from an attorney who can help

you put this together

in addition often what you're paying for

it's not just the form but the

attorney to look at your situation and

give you the customized advice you need

because that can save you a lot of money

down the road so great question and good

luck finding an attorney who can work

well with you and thank you for asking.

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