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What is an Executor Called in Wisconsin?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton answers the following question: What is an Executor Called in Wisconsin?

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Transcript of Video: What is an Executor Called in Wisconsin?

Today's question comes from Loyal

Wisconsin and the reader asks the following

What is an executor

called in Wisconsin daughter is power of


not valid after passing need correct


not called executor in Wisconsin so this

is a good question

and you’re right to point out that a power

of attorney

dies when the person who executed it

dies meaning

the person who makes the power of

attorney the principal

we call them when they die the power to

act under the power of the attorney dies

so at that point if you have a will or no will

you need to get what we call in Wisconsin

a Personal Representative appointed

to administer the estate so some states

call it an executor in Wisconsin

statutes we call it Personal


so the form you're going to need to look

for is with the circuit court you need

to file

in order to open a probate action

and then there's another form you filed

to get appointed

as personal representative now if the

deceased made a will they get to choose

the Personal Representative

in the will if they did not make a will

then the court will appoint one and

again in order to get appointed you're

going to need to open a probate action

in the county where the decedent that

the deceased person died lived before they


once their probate action is open the

court can appoint

a Personal Representative and they will

issue what are called letters


to that person that gives them authority

to act

then the Personal Representative can

begin managing the assets of the estate

taking care of real estate selling

property inventorying the

estate and all the necessary actions that

need to be done

in order to complete the probate process

so again in Wisconsin we call the executor

the Personal Representative great

question and thank you for asking!

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