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When Does A Revocable Living Trust Become Irrevocable?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses how you can amend or change a Revocable Living Trust and also explains the point at which the Trust can no longer be changed and becomes irrevocable.

Transcript of Video: When Does a Revocable Living Trust Become Irrevocable?

Today's question when does a revocable

living trust become irrevocable in other

words many people are aware that a

revocable living trust is revocable or

amendable during the lifetime of the

grantor but they wonder at what point

can we not change the trust anymore well

the answer is the change is amendable or

revocable until the death of the grantor

the grantor is the person who creates

the trust sometimes also called the settlor

in general most revocable living

trusts and the ones I draft remain

amendable or revocable until the death

of the grantor upon death then the terms

of the trust become irrevocable meaning

they cannot be changed because the

grantor is no longer around to change

them at this point the trustee must deal

with the provisions of the trust as

written and follow those instructions

for this reason if you have changes you

want made to your revocable living trust

I suggest doing them while you're alive

healthy and of sound mind. Great question

and thanks for asking.

© 2018 Law Office of Thomas B. Burton. All Rights Reserved.

Transcript and captions provided for ease of access for the hearing impaired.

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