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How To Form Your Own Wisconsin LLC

Attorney Thomas B. Burton announces his new Form Your Own Single Member LLC Video Instructional package, in which he walks you through the exact steps needed to file your LLC with the State of Wisconsin. This package contains over one hour of instructional videos, where Attorney Burton guides you through the following steps to successfully set up your new Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Wisconsin. To view the complete package visit this page.

Video 1: File Articles of Organization with the State of Wisconsin

Video 2: Obtain EIN Number from the IRS

Video 3: Adopt Custom Operating Agreement for New LLC

Video 4: Wrap Up and Overview of Steps to Take to Maintain Limited Liability Protection for Your New LLC.

In each video, Attorney Burton shares his desktop screen with you, and walks you through the exact questions the state of Wisconsin or the IRS asks you to successfully file and obtain your LLC and EIN. Attorney Burton also discusses the factors you should consider when making the above choices to file the proper documents with the state of Wisconsin and the IRS.

Attorney Burton created this package in order to help young entrepreneurs and business owners, who are on a tight budget and feel comfortable learning and doing things themselves online, but lack the specialized legal knowledge of how to form their own LLC legally and correctly the first time in the state of Wisconsin. This package is designed to give you the guidance and instruction you need to successfully complete the above steps on your own, for less than the cost of one hour of Attorney Burton's time. This package is designed for a single member LLC owned by one individual, or by a married couple in the state of Wisconsin. More complex situations should be discussed with your attorney before proceeding. Please review the complete package overview thoroughly before proceeding, and contact the office by email before proceeding if you have any questions. We hope this new package is a great resource to many entrepreneurs in the state of Wisconsin. #entrepreneurs #businesslaw #wisconsin #wisconsinlaw

Transcript of Video: How To Form Your Own LLC in Wisconsin

I'm attorney Thomas Burton and today I'm

excited to announce

my new form your own single member LLC

video instructional package

this package contains four videos with

over one hour

of instruction by me a licensed

Wisconsin attorney walking you through

the process

of setting up and filing your articles

of the organization

with the Wisconsin department of

financial institutions

video 2 walks you through obtaining your

EIN number from the IRS

video 3 contains a custom operating

agreement that you can adopt

for your company after you file your

articles of organization

and video four is a complete wrap up and

overview of the steps you should take

after forming your LLC with the state of


in each video I share my desktop screen

with you and walk you through the exact

questions that the state of Wisconsin and IRS

ask you and I discuss how you should

answer those questions depending on your


I created this new package to help

entrepreneurs, young people, and business

owners who want to start their own

LLC on the right foot but don't

necessarily want to spend the money or

have the money to spend on full legal


now for less than the cost of one hour

of my time you can obtain this video


and form the LLC yourself

I hope this package is a great resource

to you and I look forward to working

with you!

© 2020 Burton Law LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Transcript and captions provided for ease of access for the hearing impaired.

For questions about this topic, or to suggest a topic for a future blog post, please contact the office.

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