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How Do I Get Real Estate Into My Trust After I Form My Revocable Living Trust?

Attorney Thomas B. Burton discusses how to transfer ownership of your real estate from your individual name into the name of the Trustee of your Revocable Living Trust.

Transcript of Video: How Do I Get Real Estate Into My Trust After I Form My Revocable Living Trust?

Today's question how do I transfer real

estate into my revocable living trust

once I formed it if you've hired me or

another attorney we will draft your trust

and go over it and then once you sign it

that's the date of your trust creation

as of that date after that to get real

property into the trust you're going to

need to execute a deed into the trust

either a warranty deed or a quitclaim

deed is often a common way to get

property in as part of my trust packages

I include the deed for your primary

residence to get it into the trust after

its formed other attorneys have different

policies ask them if they help you with

funding the trust so you fill out the

deed and transfer property into your

name generally as trustee of your

revocable living trust then I take the

deed and file it with the County

Register of Deeds office so it's on file

and recorded I'll return the original

deed to you this is all that needs to be

done to get the property into a

revocable living trust one other smart

step is to inform your insurance company

your homeowner’s policy that you now hold

it in the name of the trust and they may

need to issue a rider or reissue your

policy in the name of the trust it's a

very simple process to get real estate

into the trust but one that's often

neglected it's important to do this with

real estate because it has a title a

deed for each piece of property and

those deeds need to be transferred into

the trust in order for the trustee to

effectively manage the assets and for

the trust to control disposition of

those assets after your death great

question and thank you for asking.

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